Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Naisa Pan-Asian Cafe

I happened to have a chance to take my mom out for lunch and thought it would be great to take her to Naisa Pan-Asian Cafe. It's definitely my favorite place for Chinese food in town. They have a very affordable lunch menu and all of the lunch specials come with a choice of soup as a starter. 

I love the Hot and Sour Soup. Full of big pieces of mushroom and enough spice to catch you at the back of the throat. Yum!

I had the Kung Pao Beef (extra spicy) and my mom had the Spicy Garlic Chicken. It was fabulous.

I got a shot of the menu, but the light was low in the restaurant, so it’s not the clearest picture in the world.  Here a link to it from Naisa’s website: Menu. You can see that even for lunch the menu is pretty extensive. Some of my favorites are the fried dumplings, the Kung Pao Beef and most of all the Spicy Basil Curry Fried Rice -- Sautéed with fresh Thai basil, yellow curry, chicken, shrimp and
pork. No egg. It’s unbelievable!

The owners here do a great job making Chinese food that doesn't make you sick, if you know what I mean. It's not too greasy and it's full of healthful and flavorful vegetables. All of their sauces are homemade and they put their hearts into every dish.

The atmosphere is nice, with modern looking furnishings and local artwork on the wall. Being in fountain square it’s getting to be quite a popular place for international and creative eateries… and Naisa fits in well. I appreciate that they’re locally owned and have become an anchor in the area. They only have a little paper sign hanging in the window, so it's hard to miss. Keep and eye out, or you'll be on the opposite end of Fountain Square.

Everyone should try this place. It can really change your mind about how Chinese food should be prepared.
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  1. It looks really good actually. "Chinese food that doesn't make you sick"...great line