Monday, June 21, 2010

La Piedad

Eating OUT!
So, it’s been about two years since I’ve posted on my blog. I’ve been getting kind of inspired by reading a lot of other blogs lately and decided to take the kids out tonight and then post the results. This won’t be as stream-lined as some of the other blogs I’ve been looking at, but maybe after a while I’ll get the hang of it.
So, here goes… I read about this place on a food blog last night called, so the kids and I decided to check it out tonight.
When we arrived, the sun was beating down on us, but the covered patio seemed pretty cool, so we sat outside. We were quickly greeted by two servers working the patio. The kids got water and I got a Negra Modelo.
It tasted great going down and it was the first time I’ve had lime in one. I usually just have lime in Corona.
The chips and salsa came out shortly. Nothing to scream about, but it kept the kids busy while I sat back and enjoyed my beer.
The waiter quickly took my order and the food was out in a flash.
This dish is the Pollo La Piedad. I think it's one of the house specials. It tasted great and was very hot. Not spicy, but HOT!! When the server brought it out to the table it was bubbling like crazy. The dish consists of sliced chicken breast smothered in molten hot cheese. It was quite tasty with three flour tortillas, Spanish rice, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce and pico de gallo. Every thing tasted fresh and hot. Much better that most of the inexpensive Mexican restaurants I’ve been to.
They had a pretty good kids menu with quite a few selections. The kids had a quesadilla meal with fries.
The price was great too… under twenty dollars. That’s what I call, “I’m alone with the kids and we’re going out to eat for cheap.” It even included a beer.
Overall, I’d come back here anytime. I especially like going for a walk through Broad Ripple after dinner. Ice cream anyone?
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  1. This blog is the cat's pa-SLAM-mas! Real real tight on the way fly tizzip! Keep on cookin!

  2. This blog is almost as tasty as you, mac daddy. Ain't nothin' but a love thang, honey.