Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tommy's Grill

I’m back. Sorry about the little break there. You know how drugs, alcohol, weddings and everyday tasks can get in the way, don’t you? Just kidding about the drugs and alcohol. Anyway, I’ve got quite a list of places to tell you about since my last posting.

Tommy’s Grill: It’s located up on North Michigan Rd. close to Walmart and Lowe’s, if you’re familiar with that area. This place has got a full list of things you’d want to have at a football game or other kind of grub-it-up party. They must have like 10 fryers at this place, because almost everything on the list has to take a bath in grease before you can eat it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though.

I came here with the kids to get a sample of their Italian beef sandwich. Tommy’s has some signs on the windows outside that advertise some of the fare they have, like gyros, Vienna beef hotdogs and the coveted Italian beef sandwich.

I have to say it was pretty good, but no Al’s #1 Italian Beef if you know what I mean. Tommy does a great job of trying to replicate it thought. He even puts spicy giardiniera on top of the sandwich for good measure. He didn’t ask me if I wanted it dipped, but when I was eating it, I noticed quite a bit of tasty juice had soaked into the bread. Yummy!

The kids tried a Vienna beef hotdog and we also got what Tommy calls a pizza puff. It’s like a big version of a Totino’s pizza roll. I have to say, it wasn’t bad at all. We also tried some fries and Tommy has the usual selection of fountain drinks available as well.

The best part of the evening was getting the bill. We got all of this stuff for under $13. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I don’t think I’ll be eating here every week or anything, but if I get a hankering for some good-old greasy food, Tommy’s will be one of my first choices.

The inside has some simple tables and a couple of TV’s on the walls. It’s a no-frills kind of place, but that’s what keeps the cost down. Give it a try.

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